Friday, August 28, 2009

Christmas On a Stick

My August submission to the 2009 Christmas Challenge.  It's called Christmas on a Stick Designed by Barbara Syburg and Suzanne Shead of Prairie Moon.  The design is from the JCS Christmas Ornament Preview Issue.


  1. Hi, I love your projects, they are adorable. I also joined up as one of your followers. I made the Grannies and Ripples button and read where you had some trouble with it. So let me see if I can help you.

    Copy the code from my blog, go to your blog and go to your Layout. Click on Add a Gadget, from the list click on the HTML button. When that window opens PASTE the code in the large box, hit SAVE and you should have it. If you don't leave me a comment and I'll see what is wrong. Okay? I love your blog!!

  2. I think this turned out wonderful! I am going to work on several of these in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for the finished picture.